Goals for 2011

Rather than come up with resolutions, here are my goals for the year 2011, in no particular order they are as follows:

1) Consume less, give more
2) Find more ways to build bridges between the Christian community and the LGBT community
3) Start writing my screenplays
4) Figure out what it’ll take to study abroad in Ireland for a Masters degree in Divinity
4a) See if I can get one that’s not denominationally affiliated
5) Find more ways to serve the homeless in my hometown
5a) Find ways to help the homeless in Skid Row
6) Get a secondary job local
6a) Get a job out in Southern California
6-7) Move out to Southern California by May or June ’11
8 ) Learn how to ride a motorcycle and get a motorcycle license
9) Learn how to drive manual
10) Become more proactive with various social networks outside of chatting with friends and posting photos
11) Visit some Xangamigos
12) Upgrade my camera
12a) Take more film photographs
13) Smile more, worry less
14) Start writing a few books
15) Write more snail mail
16) Go to a few concerts
17) Fall in love and stay in it
18) Travel around the U.S.
18a) Travel outside the U.S.
19) Get back into shape
20) Hold people accountable
20a) Be held accountable as well


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