The Christian Denomination Name Game: Why I choose not to be tied down to one

I, for sometime now, have chosen to be unaffilated with a Christian denomination. Sure, a good chunk of my life was spent as a Presbyterian (16-17 years) but that’s because I was enough of a regular at a particular church people thought that I was, but even then I wasn’t one to state my denomination unless asked (you think telling people you were a follower of Christ was enough, but not true).

Lately I have connections/ties/envolvement with 5 churches, that’s right 5 and it works out in various ways; some I attend, some I help lead a youth group in, some I’m helping out with their media/photography/videography and some I just stay in touch with the people, breaking bread with those who want to and facebook…yeah, I keep in touch with them there as well.

But I’m not a member of any these churches, I don’t have a badge that says “Hi I’m Nathanael, I’m a follower of Christ, my denomination is ________.” Because, well, I find denominations are limiting to what I want to do with my life, what I want God to do with my life and frankly people (Christians and nonChristians alike) assume things about you when you play the denomination card.

We think Pentecostals are a bunch of raise-your-hands-up-get-down-with-the-Holy-Spirit-Hallujah-Amen kind of people, I remember hearing about them when I was younger and even among my Presbyterian peeps they were put down and told to be avoided, because good Christians don’t act like that.

We think Baptists (Southern and other) are a bunch of homophobic, Bible bashing, Yurr-Goin’-to-HELL kind of people, a group of individuals who make silly rules about not drinking, smoking, cussing, voting Democrat…and so on! This also is the stereotype, and even tho I did go to a school that was affiliated in this way, it’s my school’s denomination not my own.


So you see where I’m going in not wanting to be denominationally affiliated? In some of my churches they’ve tried to “recruit me for their team” and while their requests are denied politely, I have shared with them as to the reasons I just mentioned. One Reverend I work under responded by saying “Good for you Nathanael, stay strong and just say no!” Not bad coming from the head of a church, eh? He gets it even though he’s the head of his church.

It has played out well to my betterment than I’ve expected yet so far and I’m sure God will continue to use me for his glory by not tying myself down to a denomination, but rather tying myself down to Him.


P.S. Do you have any thoughts about denominations & what you’ve/heard/thought about them? Feel free to share if you like.

5 thoughts on “The Christian Denomination Name Game: Why I choose not to be tied down to one

  1. We have been to two churches recently, the people of which state that their heart is the cry of Jesus’ heart, that the Church be the Church, that we be one in Him. They pride themselves on not being a denomination, but we soon learned that they are just as sectarian and divisive as any denomination in that one must ascribe fully to their leaders’ view of scripture and doctrine in order to be received fully as a brother.

      • Thank you for caring – it is His Body that is hurting, aside from it being not pleasant for us to be ‘persona non grata’ with other followers of our Lord, and so, we commit the whole thing to Him. When asked what are we going to do this Sunday, my husband said, “I’m not going to worry about it.” We do have friends we can fellowship with, and there are a few forums where one is free to express and submit one’s thoughts and opinions.

        It is important to guard our hearts in regard to those who seem fearful of any thoughts that are outside the sphere they are comfortable in.

        In regard to your latest blog writing, I read a quote the other day that resonated with me – “Prayer is an attitude” – in other words, not ‘doing devotions’.

        By the way, I am concerned that my full name appears to be public here – it would be better were it not. Thank you.

      • I do not mind the comments being posted, just that my full name and email address not be there. It is a small world. . . and more division could come to this area than is already here. Thanks!

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