Dreams; the kind you have while sleeping.

Let it be known that I am a very vivid lucid dreamer, most of the time I have total recall about what I dreamt which makes for interesting conversations with a few dreamers like me. See the movie Inception? Yeah, I dug it a lot because it is something I can relate to.

Anyway, here’s a dream I had this week. If you want to interpret it, go for it. If you want to look at me in a creepy way similar to  0___0, go ahead. My dreams aren’t fluff and stuff most of the time, so reader beware…

It was in days of yore in Japan, I was riding on horseback across a smoky vacant battlefield. I was a samurai (yay! ) and I was soaked head to toe in blood.

head to toe, in enemies blood to be precise.

I was part of a war between different clans and I was looking for my shogun who I lost track of while I was fighting with my katana. Though I was disoriented my horse knew where to go and around its neck it wore a necklace of severed heads.

a necklace of enemy heads to be precise.

I rode and I rode and I rode…

and then I woke up.

This was my dream, not scary to me because (I guess) I’m used to it.



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