I saw God today/Imago Dei (poem)

I saw God at my work today,
he reeked of cigarettes,
He smiled a broke tooth smile,
cheap alcohol on his breath.
He wanted to find some music,
So I helped him with a smile,
“‘Here’s the Metallica albums'” I said
so he looked there for a while.
He was disheveled and visually a mess
but I didn’t have to second guess
that in the brokenness of this man before me I saw God
I could have hidden my love away but love shouldn’t be a facade
We talked a moment before he left on a bike painted primer gray
I smiled in the cold Spring breeze at a guy, an Imago Dei*
I started to cry externally for reasons I cannot say
but there went God riding a bike, I saw him ride away.


*Imago Dei is Latin for Image of God, we are all images of God.

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