Little birds (poem)

Little birds who in a rage
flew right out of their cage
and their wings were damaged, covered in soot,
for their loved ones had given them the boot
so why did you land near my roost
did I look comforting? Did you need a boost?
taking you in with your damaged pinion feathers
torn up by stormy weather and old love letters
so you came to me as if I were a vice not a virtue
you came because you knew I would not hurt you
and in my mind I knew some day
that you would fly away.

Say what you will and be defended,
these emotions weren’t real, we pretended
but when you say WE…do you know what you’re saying
when you heard I was praying did you think I was preying?
You know I’m emotional, do you get what I’m conveying?
Well I’m not down on this, trust me someday soon
another bird will land, her name is June
and she will settle down with me as a free bird
we won’t be kept down and we’ll exchange words
transitioning over time, like to love
she shall be free my little dove
and I shall be vulnerable, to be truly intimate
but for now I’m caught up in this predicament
over birds who landed one day
who wanted to be healed just to fly away.


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