A bad case of wanderlust (thanks a lot National Geographic!)

I haven’t done much traveling outside the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Oh sure I’ve been to nearly all 50 states, but growing up reading National Geographic sure did a number on sparking my desire to see the world.

Here’s some things I want to see in real life:

The Cliffs of Dover

The Taj Mahal

The Swiss Alps


The Sphinx and Pyramids in Egypt

The Salt Flats

Where do you want to travel?


God moments with strangers: I’m sorry campaign/Marin Foundation

I went to the Chicago Gay Pride Parade last year, I hung out with these wonderful people…

and today I chose to wear my “I’m Sorry” t-shirt because it was a good conversation starter then at the Gay Pride Parade and it’s still a good conversation starter.

I went out to get some Chinese food for lunch, it is the best (yes, I’m biased and not joking) and I usually go there 2x a month (it is good, but I don’t need to eat it regularly).
Anyway, I walked in and before I talked to the owner about what I wanted to order I was questioned by the only other customer what I was sorry about and from there I talked to the guy for close to 15 minutes about how The Marin Foundation, a few friends and I wore these shirts to the Gay Pride Parade and we shared with those who asked (and they were many) what we were sorry about.

We shared how we’re sorry for the way Christians have treated the GLBT community by saying God doesn’t love them or by treating them badly altogether. I expressed to this guy I am sorry for what I’ve said in the past and I truly love my GLBT brothers and sisters, God loves them and so do I.

This guy was taken aback, he went on to share with me how his brother is gay and he’s been hated on and it’s not often enough that Christians who have said callous things or been callous to GLBT members have come forward to admit their wrongdoings. I told myself that sometimes instead of going out and asking for forgiveness and seeking reconciliation with others we hide in our churches and play it safe where it’s comfortable.
It was good to take time to explain the I’m Sorry campaign, but you know who all credit is due? God.

God has worked in my heart, transforming it and changing it into his own. I’m not the person I was 7 years ago, I’m not the person I was yesterday. All of life is a trip, and it’s about this journey that we get to our destination. With this in mind as a follower of Christ I can either walk the path that is of my own making or I can seek to be more Christlike with those around me, to truly love them as Christ loves me.
I’m not a public speaker, I have an easier time speaking about what I know and with some time to process it all (I’m an introspective extrovert) before I share… So me, talking to B* for 15 minutes without having a “what will I say if someone asks me about this t-shirt I’m wearing” thought in my mind…God, it is to his glory and it was Him moving through me and helping me express what I was supposed to say.

God moments will happen, will you take the opportunity to use them for His glory?

Dreams; the kind you have while sleeping.

Let it be known that I am a very vivid lucid dreamer, most of the time I have total recall about what I dreamt which makes for interesting conversations with a few dreamers like me. See the movie Inception? Yeah, I dug it a lot because it is something I can relate to.

Anyway, here’s a dream I had this week. If you want to interpret it, go for it. If you want to look at me in a creepy way similar to  0___0, go ahead. My dreams aren’t fluff and stuff most of the time, so reader beware…

It was in days of yore in Japan, I was riding on horseback across a smoky vacant battlefield. I was a samurai (yay! ) and I was soaked head to toe in blood.

head to toe, in enemies blood to be precise.

I was part of a war between different clans and I was looking for my shogun who I lost track of while I was fighting with my katana. Though I was disoriented my horse knew where to go and around its neck it wore a necklace of severed heads.

a necklace of enemy heads to be precise.

I rode and I rode and I rode…

and then I woke up.

This was my dream, not scary to me because (I guess) I’m used to it.