I get by with a little help from my professors

This has been buzzing around in my head for a while, but starting Monday I’m going back to Community College.

Now, it’s not that I’m going back to take classes (tho if they had a cooking class, I might) it’s to get a copy of my transcripts and get in contact (if possible) with every professor I had there. My school days have been long[er than I wanted them to be, but life happens], and I definitely enjoyed my community college more than my 4 year school, except for the friends I’ve made at the latter as well as buckling down and taking courses that pertained to my Psych undergrad, oh and graduating lest I forget that part as well.

I already bumped into one professor and we had a good chat, and soon enough we’ll be getting coffee soon enough, but he wasn’t the only professor; my art teachers, my music teachers, my sociology teacher and even my tennis teacher! Plus I might get into contact with the people I interacted with in my extracurricular’s – diversity group, cross country, newspaper, Christian fellowship…

So that’s my plan, to get in touch and simply show my thanks for those who helped me educationally get where I am now. I’m not done with my schooling though, I’m putting energy into looking at M Div. programs overseas, preferably Ireland (to get some traveling and studying abroad out of the way, out of my system).



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