Stories from St. Arbucks – Church of what we aren’t

I’m sitting at St. Arbucks with of my best buds Mark and I’ve been thinking about my times spent at this place. I come to this place often enough, mostly to chill and sometimes to think/pray/blog alone or with my friends.

There was one time I was here waiting on some friends to meet me at this location and I overheard an interesting conversation between 2 customers; they were young adults discussing their faith and their conversation went something like this.

girl 1: Well I don’t even listen to “non-Christian” music
girl 2: Well I don’t watch Rated R movies, they’re bad
girl 1: Yeah they are!
girl 2: I just listen to “Christian” music and watch movies that are good and wholesome…

Needless to say I was kinda disturbed by this conversation. Sure it might be good to watch and listen good stuff (note *good* and not necessarily “Christian”). What got me the most in this dialogue these two women were having is that their views were associated with the word don’t.
I once was a follower of Christ who did this as well, I didn’t do (fill in the blank) and it really set me apart…from everyone else, from those I was called to serve (Saving is God’s business). I remember reading about Mother Teresa was once invited to be a part of a anti-war demonstration and she offered to be a part of it, but she said (and I’m paraphrasing) “I will, but as long as it’s a pro peace rally”.


That grips me; to be a part of something, but in the positive than in the negative, to stand up for something rather than sit down. I need to practice this more often in my life, as I do assert myself as being antiwar when in truth I am pro-peace.

How about you? What are your 2 pesos on this matter?


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