The high forehead (poem)

Sometimes I think it’s pathetic
to think we’re not genetic
and that I’m the seed of some other guy,
Because try as I might,
and hard as I fight,
I don’t see a common tie.
I’m mostly liberal, a free flying bird,
you hang around conservatives I think are absurd
I like metal, heavy and death
is that NPR rehashed on your breath?
I love others, straight & GLBT,
their “final destination” is a fight between we.
But Jesus loved the one labeled “sinner”
am I not the one who is more of a winner?
But it’s not about winning, but about caring
living in community, loving and sharing
So you and I might be on 2 different levels,
you with the businessmen and I with the disheveled.
Yet God loves us all you cannot deny
that he sent his only son to die,
that in Him is life and life to the fullest,
our God certainly is the coolest.
Life to death and on to resurrection,
we live this out daily, on in quiet reflection.
So you and I might never agree,
as long as we to man’s redemption on Calvary.



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