Radical Honesty Week (for me)

So I decided for kicks, why the heck not, reactions positive as well as negative I’ve decided to practice radical honesty this week. To which I’ve decided the key to it is to be tactful to all and blunt to those who can handle it.

In my case, in my life and for this week I won’t be telling a 3 year old what’s really going on in my life, no need to start counseling at such an early age but someone I trust, say some of my fellow youth ministry leaders CAN take what is really going on in my life.
So far it has been pretty good, I’ve definitely pushed the limit in being truthful, not at the point where people think I’m a dick or an asshole, but to seriously let the cat out of the bag.
I know some people might try to get to me on this, say my best friend’s brother in law asked me if I thought he was fat and so I said do I look stupid (yes, I’d answer this way to my girl if she asked and I know it’s Rob Bell-ing an answer) and then I told him I like him the way he is…chalk one up for radical honesty!

So yeah, I’m excited for the possibilities this week has to hold with being radically honest, I truly believe transparency begets transparency, so this could definitely be a good thing.



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