“What If” questions tend to get me in trouble…

Here’s one I thought of when I was in church last Sunday.


What if…

What if the concept of a “Christian Nation” which America has claimed for itself (I have my doubts about this) and God moved in the people of…


And this concept of a Christian Nation became true but in Iraq, how would people respond? Gone with the rhetoric of “God bless America” but rather “God bless Iraq” and “Iraq blesses God”. Wouldn’t that be an interesting “What If” scenario, eh?

Here’s the thing, why not?

God is fully capable of doing that, and yet we sometimes limit Him and what he is fully capable of doing, after all He is God. I think I am going to start praying for the nation and the people of Iraq, that God moves in the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people, that they will come to know God and have hope and assurance in Him despite the wake the war has taken upon that country as a whole.
This is bold of me, but I am sure that it has the capacity to pray for Iraq, that some how they’re our “enemies” – really? Our enemies? Are you aligning yourself with being a follower of Christ or being an American? Check your priorities and then get back to me and pray along side me.
Even though I am outspoken in regards to how me being a follower of Christ conflicts with me being American, but despite that I’m not one to pray for the demise of this nation, God might still change the hearts and minds of the people of this country…but He might also be doing that for the Iraqi people.

We who are followers of Christ shouldn’t live in a world of fear and of borders that we set up to keep certain people out. God has made this world, upon creation he looked at what he made with a smile (this I am quite certain) and said “it is good” and even though we fell away and said to God we don’t want you, we don’t want the best you intended for us for we want our own way…God, in His love for us, provided a way out by way of Jesus.
Jesus isn’t a Republican, a Democrat, and He certainly isn’t an American citizen. We need to keep the latter in mind, because I see division between believers because we impose our political/country viewpoints on God, and the God I know and worship and serve and love is so much bigger and better than that. May God do what He will and if He calls us to partake in making Iraq our mission field, His will be done in all things.

God bless America!

God bless Iraq!


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