Things are looking up workwise

When I get honest I am a bundle of paradoxes,
I believe and I doubt,
I hope and I get discouraged,
I love and I hate,
I feel bad about feeling good,
I feel guilty about not feeling guilty.
I am trusting and suspicious.
I am honest and I still play games.
Aristotle said I am a rational animal;
I say I am an angel with an incredible capacity for beer –
Brennan Manning

One of the places I’ve applied to is a place that works with people who have various types of disabilities, to which there have been a few openings working full time doing that; implementing ways to teach them life skills, helping them with cooking/cleaning/driving them around and related. Well I applied a while back for one of their overnight shifts, I have to be flexible and willing to take on a shift I’m not accustomed to and so I waited…and I waited…waited some more…

Just to be told that the position was filled…


The HR called me this morning to say that the same position is open and would I like to apply for it? I probably said “yes!” too quickly, but I think she was enthused by my enthusiasm, and so she sent me some papers via email, mostly “if this happened, how would you handle it/tell me about how you’ve utilized leadership in the workplace” kinda questions. Easy peasy, I’ve got plenty of good answers to give.

So wish me luck, pray for me…things are looking up work-wise, and if I do get this job it’ll help me get back on track with a plethora of things. I will be applying elsewhere, but I’m really REALLY optimistic about this.



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