Likeable Links – Friday 3/23/12

Just some links I have come across that I like:

Tea Party Jesus – “The words of Christians in the mouth of Christ.”

Unvirtuous Abbey – “Holier than thou, but not by much. Digital monks praying for people with first world problems. From our keyboard to God’s ears. Since Aug. 4, 2010.”

Sexy Religion – A great deal of photos of places of worship and art. I’m a fan of design and architecture so this is right up my alley. πŸ™‚

Simply Orthodox – A good deal of quotes from the desert fathers and mothers, some more contemporaries within Orthodoxy as well.

NVPhotography – Shameless self promotion, I’m a freelance photographer.

Imagine – Minimalism, photography, andLegos all rolled into one.

Invisible Man in Beijing – I appreciate what this man does, and he certainly does a good job at it!

Oblivious photographer is oblivious – A bit of schadenfreude if you will, haven’t had this happen to me while photographing but nor do I want it to.

NASA creates a panorama of the sky from 18,000 photos – I enjoy making panoramas but this is utterly awe inspiring and jaw dropping.

How to optimize your Canon DSLR for filmmaking – A worth while link for those who have this feature in their Canon. I do, but I haven’t gone to in-depth with it yet.

Strip away the glamour and glitz from Jimmy Fallon as TeBowie…and you still have Jimmy Fallon as TeBowie:



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