What’s in a name?

By definitions alone my name is Gift of God, Lover of Horses, One who Leads… Quite a lot to live up to, eh? πŸ˜‰

But kidding aside, I think the names people have tells a story; whether they’ve been named after a relative, whether it’s a name that has been in the family for a while, whether it is based upon definition alone, but still…names are neat!

I’ve been going through somewhat of a quarter life crisis these past years, and even though I am single I have started accruing names that I like.

If I had to pick out 4 names for kids, 2 per gender, I’d go with Nathanael Jr. (Gift of God), Amalia (Hopes), Samson (Service) and Savannah (Open Plain)…

The first of course is an egotistical move…er…wise choice on my part πŸ™‚ I disliked my name when I was younger because of the uncommonness of it. But I’ve grown into my name for over a decade now, I like it, it suits me well!

Amalia, well, Amalia is a name of my friend who lives in Indonesia. We’re online friends, and even if that’s all we’ll ever be, she is still and encouragement to me, she still makes me smile and she is loved by God deeply and truly.

Savannah, which I just found out means open plain, and I kinda like the imagery of that as well as how it sounds.

Samson, I like Samson because of the story found in the Bible, and maybe my son will be a dedicated follower of Christ from the get go or maybe he’ll have to find himself and then find God. God alone knows the path my children will walk in this life, but I will do whatever I can to help them grow into followers of Christ who don’t occupy a seat on Sunday alone, but take it with them, that they live it out and “use words when necessary”. Kids who’ll have a ripple effect on their peers and their generation, they’ll be an awesome bunch I know it!


What does your name mean?



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