Listening to God

Earlier today I was very hungry, but the thing is sometimes what my body should eat isn’t necessarily what I feed it, with that being said I had a lunch of cheese and tater tots…which due to eating the latter I am still feel greasy and queasy. But at the time my mind and stomach were telling me that’s what I want that’s what I want feed me tots feed me tots…so I gave in (and trust me, it ain’t good to be shopping while hungry).

So while I did only buy tater tots, which I was rather surprised with my restraint for what it’s worth, my stomach was busy doing its thing when it’s hungry, but I had this insight while waiting to check out…

I think that sometimes in Christian circles we tend to throw out the “Has God been speaking to you lately?” question, sometimes it is from the intent of being earnest but at times I  feel like it’s a spiritual badge of honor, that by God speaking to you shows whether you’re a “good” or even “real” follower of Christ. Yet I wonder…

What if we’re asking the wrong question?

What if the question we should ask (for the right reasons mind you) is “Have you been listening to God lately?” Instead of waiting around for some sacred interruption to take place…what if we just took time to shut up and be still before God, instead of busting out with “Thanksgiving prayers” with $50 words…what if we just remained silent?

I do think God can speak to us even in our busiest of times, but sometimes I think we need the silence despite how difficult it is sometimes, I mean silence is silence which in its own way is deafening at times…but I think we need it, God knows I need a reprieve of noise, a shutting out of the cacophonous nature of life at times.

I’m not spelling out a formulaic way of a spiritual life, but I am saying that sometimes we need to get away from it all and put in some God-and-I time, because if it comes down to having a relationship with him, how many relationships can be truly healthy if the couple don’t have time to themselves apart from everyone else? If a couple’s livelihood is based upon everyone else, that can only go on for so long, that can only sustain itself for so long.

“God still speaks” is sometimes seen outside of United Church of Christ churches, and I wholeheartedly agree, God does still speak…but I believe that we should give him the space to speak and sometimes that does in fact come from being silent.


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