On a new road of learning; Christ centered Universalism

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know what Christ centered Universalism what it implies, universalism, oneness/connectedness to God by way of Christ. It’s a new thing I’m looking into because most of the times I believe in a big God, a God who can handle all my questions (and I have plenty!) and my doubts and my concerns and my realistic/pessimistic outlook on life that I have, I am optimistic in the things God is doing and the good things people are doing in the name of God…which is why I am on this new road of learning.

I don’t know anyone who believes in Christ centered Universalism, I will be asking people I know and trust about their thoughts about this belief system. There are plenty of resources online and I’m sure I will find books that cover this topic. I do want to approach this from an academic/spiritual perspective, because while textbooks speak to the mind and to some degree the heart, people…I like engaging people in questions because I am very much a questioner, it’s part of who I am, Y is my favorite letter…okay maybe not.

So here’s to the new road of learning I’m on!


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