4/31 – Something that is part of my routine that I enjoy

Something that is part of my routine that I enjoy

When I can, I like to go out and photograph. Photography’s one of my hobbies, I love take pictures in particularly of:
– People
– Outdoors
– Architecture
– Automotive
If you want to know how much it is a part of me, I recently upgraded my phone and one of the factors was the camera built into the phone, not the factor but I did consider (for what it’s worth) it.

Prior to the popularity and ease of digital photography, my sister A* was the photographer in the family. But I remember when I bought my first digital camera, I thought that it would either make or break me, because it was at a time where $400 got you less for more by today’s standards, but I enjoyed my first camera and upgraded to the XSi 3-4 years ago, and I liked it and used that camera till the camera wore out… From there I upgraded to the T3i last year and have continued to enjoy photography.

To date I’ve been published on 3 accounts: 1) Local magazine 2) Back of a magazine comprises of my photo and 3) In a children’s book in Brazil. If I could do more work like this and get paid for it I’d be over the moon, but for now I’m okay with being compensated in getting copies of the published work that has my photo within it.

There’s the chance that I might be photographing a friend’s friend wedding, I want to and yet I am a little anxious because of the demand for good photography, I mean, wedding day! I’m still toying with the idea of doing it for experience sake, to which I’ll probably purchase or rent some faster glass for that day just to be on the safer side of things.

I do hope that in time that I will be able to travel to different countries, see the places I read in National Geographic, but of course my trip wouldn’t be complete unless I went camera-in-hand. 🙂



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