6/31 – Something that excites me and fills me with joy

Something that excites me and fills me with joy

To be vague and completely open at the same time, I would say the thing that excites me and fills me with joy is:


Hope for things yet to be done, hope for my present circumstances despite life getting in the way at times, hope for what I dream of doing, hope for what God is calling me to.

I don’t know how many days I have been given on this planet Earth, but I do recognize that time is fleeting and I should want to make the most of my time because it is all that I have. When my mortal coil has been shuffled, when I’ve kicked the bucket, when I’ve bought the farm and a nice little plot 6 feet under…so ends life – act one.

But until I get my decomposing on (let it never be said I didn’t have a morbid sense of humor) I aim to take this hope that is within me and share it with the world. Because I’ve seen and experienced a lot I can get jaded and write the world off as horrible, damned, coming to an end (which in time, to some degree, it will)…but as I read the creation narrative found in the Bible I believe that God never retracted his pronouncement upon the Earth, It is good is still the case today even if wars/famines/disasters seem to muddle that image.

Hope in one instance for me is sharing the Gospel message at all times and using words when necessary. I think that sometimes Christians feel a need to talk about God on a constant basis, but I find that faithfulness, BEing with people, actually experiencing life together in a community and committed way sometimes goes further that busting out the “Romans Road” or a Jack Chick tract.
Relationships are everything, and if we aim to get the horizontal one (human to human) down I believe it starts with the vertical one (human to God, God to human). Personal stories go a long way as well, and while mine isn’t about how I got to the top of the spiritual peak and I’ve never been back down since, it is in part of finding God in the valley, finding God when the shit of life hits the fan, and interestingly enough I find myself where and when life’s shit hits the fan as well.


It motivates me and drives me to make this world a better place when I leave. Not that I am in the camp that says “I want the world to end now” I’m more of the “God you know how many days I have, help me make them count for your glory and not my own” persuasion. I don’t know I will have a legacy when I pass away, but I do hope to leave on a good and indelible note to those whom I consider my friends and even to my enemies. Sure friends can sing your praises when you’re gone, but wouldn’t it be something if your enemies had something kind to say about you as well? In a way that would make enemies actually…friends! But I recognize you can’t win them all, so I don’t let the critics get to me too much, after all they do spend time disagreeing with me, so they must care ever so slightly in aΒ convoluted kind of way. πŸ™‚ Much love to my enemies and critics.



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