Learning to let go

I have an excellent memory for recalling events in the past; people I’ve met, places I’ve been to and so on. However, one thing that I struggle with is letting things go. Some people will say that you should forgive but never ever forget.

But the clincher for me lies in the fact that if I forgive and I don’t forget I have the tendency of dwelling on wounds of the past, not all of the time but more than its fair share. I am at full fault for not forgetting what should be forgotten, I learned not to forget and use it as “ammo” if one was ever backed into a corner…but I have learned and relearned time and time again, the forgiveness and love need to walk hand-in-hand and to simply let go.

Let go of what doesn’t lift me up but keeps me chained, let go that doesn’t edify myself, God, and others. Part of me wants to hold on because somehow in my warped thinking I think I deserve it, that if worse comes to worst I can rip someone a new one with what I remember what they did or didn’t do…but that isn’t how I want to live my life, and I’m working at it and I know God will see me through in letting go.

Let go,
for your sake and for the sake of others,
Let go.



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