15/31 – A band/musical artist whose music impacted my life

A band/musical artist whose music impacted my life

I think the band that has impacted my life the most has been Daniel Amos.

I haven’t been a “lifelong fan” of DA, I found out about them by reading a book called Raised by Wolves, and what I read left a mark on me. At that point in my music listening career I was just about done with listening to the genre of “Christian music” because it seemed formulaic and spiritually watered down, money seemed to drive the musicians I listened to and they knew what sold, I do like “praise and worship” music, but does ever “Christian artist” need to cover “Shout to the Lord”?

I returned to some of the tunes of my youth that I wasn’t supposed to listen to because the musician/the band “wasn’t Christian” I revisited Marilyn Manson, Korn, Metallica, Black Sabbath, etc. I’ve always liked the heavier side of metal, and listening to them brought an interesting form of relief; the relief came from them singing what they felt like and without much censorship, the “Christian music” industry strikes me as controlling and watering down the message wants to sing.

I guess it’s how C.S. Lewis put it; “We do not need more people writing Christian books, what we need is more Christians writing good books” that is, those who are followers of Christ need to put in the effort to do a good job at whatever their task is. So that’s where my contention lay with “Christian musicians and bands” there didn’t seem to be a good effort, at the turn of the millennium it seemed very “praise and worship” oriented from the perspective that IT SOLD. So I drifted back to older music and that’s when I found Daniel Amos…and I was hooked!

At this time the computer I used didn’t have a CD burner and so I listened to some of their tunes via Napster. I was big[ger] into vinyl hounding then and I came across Daniel Amos’ Doppelganger album! I bought it and played it from start to finish…somewhere in the midst of listening to DA I wept; the album was so rich, so haunting of the dual nature man presents – who he is and who he pretends to be – and at that time I was still someone who lived with the facade over my face that suggested “everything is okay” when my life was in a rough place, the shit the fan in my life on a day to day basis.

Since then I’ve listened to nearly all their albums, what was a country-esque honky tonk band from the 70s became a real and authentic rock-and-roll kind of band, it floored me what they would sing about because Terry Scott Taylor and his friends did not hold back, the sacred cow that kept “Christian bands” at bay in my era was slaughtered back then, which made it interesting in sensing that there was somewhat of a stunted devolution instead of a moving forward as years progressed in that industry.

I was comforted by lines of “When your greatest fear is realized, remember your sanctuary” in the song Sanctuary and the hazards that came from dwelling too much in the past in the song Memory Lane, the snarky bite-in-the-ass to Christians who think and act too selfishly in the song Faces To The Window

Daniel Amos helped redirect my energies in writing good things as a follow of Christ instead of writing things from the perspective of a “everything is fine” kind of follower of Christ, God is good all the time but sometimes life’s shit hits the fan more often than one would like, personal suffering does suck and life sometimes get better, but at least I’m in a position where I can write about it and talk about it with people instead of living in denial.



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