18/31 – Someone I met randomly that has made an impact in my life

Someone I met randomly that has made an impact in my life

I would have to say the girl whom I once loved, the girl I met back on MySpace, the girl who meant the world to me at one time…I’d say she made an impact upon my life.

She made an impact upon my life because she was the first woman I was completely vulnerable with; my concerns, hopes, fears, dreams & desires were made COMPLETELY known to her. It’s not that I was a liar who told women what they wanted to hear, to be honest she was the first girl I ever dated. Me with my trust issues let her know what was really going on in my life, a big step in my life, it was completely God moving in my life in those years gone by.

Her past is her past, but when she got to the point where she was completely vulnerable with me…it was amazing! 🙂 Because we both got to a point where maybe some would bail and want out of that kind of friendship and/or relationship, when the dust settled…

She was still there for me
I was still there for her.


When you get to that point of true intimacy and vulnerability with another human being, love can happen, and for a season of my life and her life love did happen. I won’t ever think that our love for one another was genuine, I do think we were young and moved too quickly, but the love I had for her was real and I tried my best to live out my love in an Agape way – that is, loving as God loves, loving the other person unconditionally. I didn’t get it right all the time, but I did what I could.

She impacted my life, my world for the better. I might be single at this present time but I know that I can love again, that I can truly be intimate to a woman again with who I really am and where I’m coming from.



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