20/31 – My favorite movie and why it’s so special to you


My favorite movie and why it’s so special to you

My favorite movie is Chariots of Fire, a movie about the runner and Olympian Eric Liddell, who was at the top of his game and when he found out that his race (100 meters) was being run on Sunday, he refused. He refused because it was on a Sunday, a day he set aside to worship God as he was a follower of Christ. IMDB does a better summary than I do…

This movie is special to me because I once was a runner, I probably could be a runner if I got back into shape (and no “round” isn’t the shape I’m going for). My family, tho fractured, ran together, and there was a yearly race we’d all go to and compete and enjoy the afterparty together. We watched Chariots of Fire because it was running and we also were determined not to run on Sunday, this one event we all excelled at took the back burner on Sunday.

But then something changed, I’m sure what exactly did, but the family dynamic became a bit more messed up and then our “we don’t run on Sundays” credo was dismissed. I was startled and certainly hurt when my father and my sisters started running on Sunday, to acknowledge their choice that went against what we said I chose not to watch them run on Sunday.

Another part of Eric Liddell’s story that left a mark on me was his missional stance; he was a MK and was determined to go to China to become a missionary himself. Despite the various events in his life that kept him from getting back to China as soon as he would’ve liked to, that dream and desire was always there and eventually he did go back to China and sadly he passed away in a China occupied Japanese concentration camp. For me that points to my life, dreams and desires I have aren’t obtainable at this time, but I shouldn’t give up on them and push forward despite all odds to fulfill them, even if it takes longer than I expect or would like.
Southern California is one of those dreams; financial reasons kept me from moving out there last year and work reasons keep me from getting out there this year, but soon I will get back into the routine of networking with youth pastors and churches out there so that I can have some kind of grounding prior to getting out there… Some people have told me I should just “go for it” with no strings attached, just simply go, but the thing is I want a little bit of security and a lot of faith in God to see me through, and honestly if I failed out there and had to come back to IL… I feel like it would be a belly crawl over razor blades and shards of glass, I want to go, I want to fly and succeed and never relocate back to IL, or at least in these parts “where everybody knows my name”.

I met a guy a few years back who lives in Vancouver CA who actually was in the same Japanese occupied concentration camp as Eric Liddell, apparently he used to run races for fun against other people, to which my friend would cheer on his school teacher because at that time he didn’t know of Liddell’s Olympic past! πŸ™‚ I thought that was hilarious the first time I heard it.

Though I don’t run currently there are some things I have gleaned from Eric Liddell:
1) Don’t give up on your dreams and desires.
2) Find a day (not necessarily Sunday) to call a day of rest (since I work the weekend shift, my “day of rest” is Monday).
3) Following God takes priority over following others.




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