23/31 – A truly spiritual moment in my life

A truly spiritual moment in my life

Hmmm… I think for this one I will address that I am aware of spiritual warfare existing by way of my first encounter with a demonic presence. I’m not like Keanu Reeves’ character in Constantine even tho I think that’s a pretty good movie in its own right… I have experienced physical manifestations of the spiritual, to which the first time I encountered is as follows.


The first time I encountered a demon possessing a person was at the tender age of 3, I was at the zoo with my mother and my sister and it so happened we were at the lion’s cage. I was learning some Bible verses even then and one came to mind due to where we were at, I quoted the following verse which is found in 1 Peter 5:8

“Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

As I said this a woman who was checking out the lions as were made eye contact with me, and I could see evil in her eyes, but she wasn’t looking at me but that which was controlling her was.

It did frighten me a bit, to have a glimpse at the dark side of the spiritual side in a way that not a lot of people see, and to see it the age of 3 no less. Since that time there have been other occurrences where I have seen evil, there have been other times where I have cast demons out of places as well as people.

Now I know some people might not believe in spiritual warfare, I know that things get complex and hokey sometimes due to individuals like Bob Larson and his 3 daughters presenting how they do it (I’m on the fence of believing and not believing in what they’re supposedly doing) but from personal experience I recognize and realize spiritual warfare is taking place all the time, some individuals have been given privy to seeing the spiritual manifest in the physical. I don’t see everything going on in the spiritual realm, but I have my moments, why exactly I don’t know.



One thought on “23/31 – A truly spiritual moment in my life

  1. Sorry but at 3 years old I seriously doubt you could ” discern” much aside from what is relevant to you as toddler. As for Larson, he is a con man and his ” teen exorcists” is nothing more than him selling his bogus “international school of exorcism.” I should mention that I am not a Christian and I have a low opinion of the Christian ” spiritual warfare” attitude, having personally experienced it from ” Christians” a number of times in the past. IMO it is just self righteous religiosity and intolerance/fear disguised as “spirituality”.

    You are free, OC to delete this. I’ve come to expect such a response.

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