I majorly dislike Baptists

Before I begin as to why I majorly dislike Baptists, let me disclose a prayer I offer up to God sometimes;

Father God, please put some Godly Baptists in my life who love others and love you not just with words or tongue but in action and in truth, because I’m at the end of my rope and if I’m unable to find any good Baptists I’m afraid I’m going to write them all off completely.

I do not think “good Baptist” is an oxymoron, but there are some Baptists who certainly are morons…

A NC Baptist preacher says that members of the LGBT community should be put in a concentration camp to “die off” – video

The video is utterly disturbing, and it sadly sets the tone of the perception of Baptists, and it even gets to me that the [more than] few rotten pastors are given mics and feel like they can just rant and rave in a way that is anything but Christlike.

Apart from recent verbal attacks on a particular group of people, another thing that factors into my majorly disliking of Baptists is the split between Northern Baptists and Southern Baptists, to which the rift that caused the split-up of this denomination was slavery. The Southern Baptists read into the Bible and got it worked out in their undeveloped minds that slavery was their God-given right, and that because ‘the Bible told them so’ they would have slaves. The Baptists in the north didn’t buy that load of BS and so they split off.

My alma mater is a Southern Baptist affiliate school, and I don’t have many qualms with the people I went to school with, but it did strike me as sad when I tried to start a GSA on campus and my request was denied. I guess my rights of free speech and right to assembly isn’t worth much at a Southern Baptist school. I don’t look at it with disgust, God is still God and I may have lost the battle to win the war…time will tell, I’m not done with my alma mater.

My personal beef and grief over Baptists makes me want to cut them off completely, to just ignore what any of them have to say because it always seems so elitist, so ‘we have all the answers’, so unloving and unChristlike and yet they act like they have it all together… I do have hope that maybe some day some good Godly Baptists will come along and undo the damage that has been done, I have hope and I have faith in God that some day that might happen.

But today’s not that day, and so any interaction I have with self-proclaimed Baptists is going to be under scrutiny and I am going to be guarded with what I say, they will hear truth from me, but only scraps of it. God help me, God help them, because I don’t like feeling this way to people who profess to love God with all their hearts, souls, minds and strengths…but right now I’m just seeing and experiencing lip service in that regard.



One thought on “I majorly dislike Baptists

  1. You have to be careful writing off a whole group based on your personal experiences. I have definitely seen the elitist attitude from baptist, but I’ve seen it from just about every denomination at one point or another. There are “morons” in every denomination. I’ve heard people from many types if churches express extreme negative views on the lgbt community.

    I think you’d find that many conservative schools would not allow a GSA group. It want simply because they were a baptist affiliate school.

    I used to go to a baptist church. I loved it and the people there. Some of their views were to conservative for my taste, but its just that there are so many places on the conservative-liberal spectrum that it’s rare to find anyone exactly the same on a personal level. I find that liberal Christians often call calvinist and baptist and very conservative Christians elitist. But in doing so, they often do it in a way that says that their liberal side is the way everyone should see it; which is kind of an elitist mindset too.

    What it boils down to is that everyone is going to fall different places on the conservative-liberal spectrum. Just about everyone thinks they are in the right place. I’ve definitely seen the type of baptist you’re talking about, but I’ve seen similar things from other denominations too. We have to accept that there are “morons” on every side, and they are often the ones that choose to speak out publicly, but they do not encompass everyone in their denomination. I’ve been to churches of almost all of the main denominations and have found good and false Christians in each (some more than others).

    I appreciate your posts and your mission. I have a lot of respect for you. Keep it up bro!

    P.s. I definitely am not saying you came off as elitist. Just saying be careful because I’ve seen it happen!

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