Hawks and Sparrows

There are times when I find that my critics are like this:

Hawk = me
Sparrows = my critics

The thing is, most of the critics in my life are online and they happen to be fellow followers of Christ. Online criticism does take its toll on individuals, including myself, because there’s the lack of “face time” between my critics and I; the internet can be notorious for trolls to lurk and post mean and spiteful comments…which have no ramifications because there’s no policing the internet in such a way that punishes what gets said online (although this is changing to some degree).

With having critics there are moments where they have struck a tender nerve with me, I’ve lost sleep over what some of my critics have to say, I’ve loathed some of the things my critics have to say which consequently makes me loathe my critics as well!
But about a year ago I had a revelation; my critics, for inasmuch they criticize me and put me down, they must really see something in me to spend time criticizing me! Sure people can say “I don’t agree with you” but when I have these long messages telling me point by point what they disagree, in a perverted way I’m touched by the “gesture” of my critics.

So like the hawk who’s pursued by sparrow, I will continue to soar despite the nitpicking and low blows my critics throw my way. Much love to one and all, including my critics!



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