31/31 – Epilogue: A letter to myself

Wow I’m actually here 31 days later! 🙂

Epilogue: A letter to myself (written from a perspective of hindsight, kind of)

Dear Nathanael,

Life is certainly shitty for you at this time, but take heart! You’re getting there, job-wise and financially you’re doing a great job saving up and there’s the prospect of another job of another 40 hour of working…mental clarity and bliss is just around the corner!

It will be tough, but you’re getting there; for your sake getting away from him and the fubar lifestyle is the only way change is going to take place. It might take a toll on your wallet, but you know that it is entirely worth it.

Don’t worry too much about finding your June, keep praying with your eyes open. Please be intentional in finding someone who is like themselves instead of your first love, because you won’t find a girl exactly and that puts her on a pedestal as well the girl you’re trying to pursue. She’s out there, be diligent and God willing you find her.

Moving out to Southern California was one of the better decisions you made in your adult life, you were right, the possibility of an earthquake happening trumps yearly cold weather and that dreaded snow. You get to surf, you get the mountains, if you want cold weather you have to seek it out and it doesn’t come around on a regular basis as it was when you were living in Illinois.

Life will get better, these things just take time, continue doing what you do and may God bless you on your future endeavors.


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