1/30 – To all the cheeses I’ve ate before

I found one! Here’s the 30 day writing challenge I will start today, I will make up for missing yesterday by doing it today and posting today’s entry later.

To all the cheeses I’ve ate before

Cheese courses through my veins as much as blood does; Pepper Jack, Sharp Cheddar, Smoked Gouda, Dill Havarti, Gorgonzola, et al. I love cheese. I’m told that my grandfather who passed away a few short months before my birth loved cheese immensely, he would cut large chunks inadequate for the small crackers, but it gave him an excuse to eat cheese.

Lately I’ve been in a cheese buying binge; I honestly don’t know what I go for in a cheese any more, except to say that aged and/or spicy seem to be what I’m going for. I bought some Habanero Jack which I shredded and used to make a homemade baked mac&cheese which turned out well I think, but there were some moments where my stomach growled in rebellion due to a new substance (I don’t eat as much Habanero as I’d like to) being sampled.

I’ve also been making a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches, it’s simple to make and the bread and cheese go together like art and a canvas. I usually go with Pumpernickel or Rye bread, commonplace breads that are part of my heritage. To which out of the many different cheeses I’ve sampled thus far I’ve enjoyed Dill Havarti and Rye best, it’s crisp and the rye and dill when grilled lends to an aromatic and tasty sandwich. Yet I also like the pungent aroma of Gorgonzola on Pumpernickel; pungent cheeses are at the discretion of the eater, I personally like a bit of stinky cheese every now and then, to which I’m still looking for stinkier and stinkier cheese…but I am more scared that tempted to try Casu marzu, a cheese that lives up to its name of being a rotten cheese.

Now and then I am thankful that I am not lactose intolerant, cheese substitutes hardly qualify as cheese or even a substitute, but I do need to watch my cheese intake (not that I’m overdoing it…this isn’t denial talking) as cheese is somewhat fatty, and that’s not good for me. My time frame of getting away with being a growing boy is long over.

I do appreciate the variety of cheeses that my local grocery store has, reasonably priced as well, one of these days I’ll throw a cheese&wine party, or better yet a cheese&cheese party. šŸ™‚

My next venture of cooking with cheese is making a homemade pizza, which I’m thinking I’ll make a sourdough crust topped with buffalo milk Mozzarella with Teriyaki Chicken. I like cooking for those I care about, so who knows who I’ll make this special pizza for, but hopefully the person consuming it enjoys it as much as I like making it.

Cheeses please, there’s no doubt about it.



5 thoughts on “1/30 – To all the cheeses I’ve ate before

  1. Welcome to the challenge, Nathanael! It’s a pleasure to have you join us. And as co-founder and co-blogger at We Work For Cheese, I hope to receive an invite to that wine and cheese party! I promise to leave some for everyone else. Maybe. šŸ™‚


  2. Grilled cheese sandwiches are divine, especially when the cheese oozes out onto the griller and gets all crispy, haha. Oh you’ve tempted me to go make one now! I’ll probably use Kashkaval or Halloumi… maybe both together. Mmm.

  3. Oh, I have to commend you on making grilled cheese sandwiches with anything other than processed cheese! Using rye bread is quite intriguing, though. I don’t mind rye bread – and only mostly eat it with pastrami or corned beef – but we do have rye quite often (and often leftovers thereof) but never thought to use it for grilled cheese. I’ll surely have to try it. šŸ˜‰

  4. I really want to get a brick oven in the back yard, so I can make homemade brick oven pizzas. Mmmmmmm, gooey cheese on a crispy baked crust. Loved your post. šŸ™‚

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