Natural disasters; just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean you’re entitled to it

Recently I was in the presence of an individual who had the audacity to say that a natural disaster that happened some 110 years ago was caused by God to punish a certain group of people. I said my piece against this but someone defended this individual said that everyone is entitled to their opinion… Really?

So if it’s my opinion (which it’s not, but for extreme example’s sake) that 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust wasn’t a lot…am I entitled to my opinion, or that a girl deserved to be raped by her uncle…if that’s my opinion, am I entitled to it?

What gets my goat is that sometimes…not all the time…Christians open their mouth and say something, throw God into the mix, and think it’s fine because God was part of the equation. During these times of foot-in-mouth-itis I think God actually backs away and really doesn’t want to be a part of the equation presented.

I’ve said it before here but I will say it again, when I read the creation narrative found in Genesis I see a good world that God created. Despite various ways we humans afflict the Earth as well as each other, I don’t believe God retracted his statement throughout creation when he said “it is good”, yes there are some examples of God judgment upon the Earth and upon a group of people, but I don’t believe natural disasters fall into God’s plan since Jesus came to live among us, to die for us and then his resurrection…because if God’s wrath did take place against people via natural disasters, wouldn’t we have to go back to the times where burnt offerings were offered up for this and that?

It strikes me as being somewhat callous to say such things, and to say such things matter-of-factually seems rather cruel. God loves humanity, he might not be pleased at some of the things we do that harms the earth, ourselves and others, but he gave us the ability to decide whether we’re going to do the right thing or the wrong thing, freewill is ours however we decide to cut it.

Instead of coming up with stories of God’s judgment being poured out upon a people group via a natural disaster, maybe if we can help those people out, maybe we should elevate and help end someone’s personal hell in God’s name. I think that goes a lot further than saying “so and so deserved it.”

It starts with me,
It starts with being the change I want to see.



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