5/30 – Our 8 legged friends

Our 8 legged friends



Our 8 legged friends.

Some individuals might be afraid of spiders (Arachnophobia) which having a fear is a legitimate thing, but I see spiders as useful and beneficial to mankind and womankind alike. They help us out with catching pesky flies and eating them, in our childhood stories they save pigs and write messages in their webs, their venom might be useful in the medical community, their silk might be beneficial to the silk industry…

I personally like spiders, a few of them occupy corners in my room and they catch flies and moths, to which I appreciate them for doing so. My sister had a tarantula a while ago, one of the neatest pets she ever owned. They’re here to stay whether we like it or not, they’re a resilient animal and do more good to us than harm.

Sure there are some spiders that can harm us, but if we don’t bother them they probably won’t bother us, but we sometimes come into contact with them due to happenstance or they were already there before us…so watch out for spiders, leave them alone and you’ll be alright.




10 thoughts on “5/30 – Our 8 legged friends

  1. That is an adorable little creature. I have seen some interesting looking spiders over the years – all different colors and shapes. This one does look like he’s smiling.

  2. HE’S SMILING! That is an awesome picture.

    I don’t kill spiders I find in the house. I’ve saved some, and let others just wander. No other little bugs in the house, the spiders are fat and happy and all is right with the world!

  3. We have a lot of black widows here. I don’t care those as much, but probably because I have so many kids that play outside.

    I just bought my kids a Venus Fly Trap plant. It gave my wife the willies. I tried to extol the virtues of a fly free house. She said it still creeped her out. I asked, “Would you rather have flies, or a plant?” She never answered. I am sure the kids will protect the plant from potential harm while I am at work all day…

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