7/30 – I’m fat

I’m fat

There’s no way around it, there’s no denying it, I’m fat. Excess weight has come from not getting enough exercise, the dreaded whites – sugar and flour and not enough fruits and vegetables.

But a change is coming my way, I’ve decided that I will be getting a membership to the local athletic center and put in an hour or 2 a day 6 days a week. Plus I’m revamping my diet, to which I am giving thought to eating more fruits and vegetables for the month of June and going back to being a vegetarian starting in July…but this time a healthier vegetarian.

I was a vegetarian for a 2.5 years, but I wasn’t that healthy a vegetarian; some of my favorite meals were processed Indian meals which in hindsight were chockful of sodium! O_O If I can go raw vegetarian I will, and eat beans and soy for protein, I can manage that…hopefully. It’s not like I eat a lot of meat nowadays, just the occasional BBQ and pizza, which I rather have sun-dried tomatoes, a little feta cheese, and onion on a pizza than sausage or the occasional pepperoni.
My diet is a bit more influential in me getting into shape, I have it in me to get back working out hardcore no problem, but I love to eat, and eat well at that which definitely has been the reason why I’ve put on most of my weight. I love biking, cardio, stair stepping, weight lifting…but if I’m gonna be honest, I love eating a bit more than working out! All things in moderation I know, but this time around, more moderation for food and more exercise!

Excess weight, it’s easier to put on than to take off! But I know my body deserves it and I know what it takes to lose the weight, and hopefully keeping it off takes place as well.

Plus knowing me, it’ll give me something blog about 😉



5 thoughts on “7/30 – I’m fat

  1. Food is the most immediate temptation and it can be so hard to make the right choices with a chocolate eclair staring you in the face. But like changing any habit, you stay focused and eventually the healthy choices become the norm.

  2. I would hate to think about going vegetarian…much less hard-core vegetarian! Yuk! Give me a pizza and beer. Then I can walk, but give me the pizza and beer!

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