Sirens of domestic bliss; why shopping at IKEA is troublesome at times for me

Truth to be told I enjoy stores like IKEA:

Simply because it gives me room to dream.

Dream about the day I have an apartment/house of my own, entertaining friends, making food, drinking beer and wine and just kicking back to enjoy life. Yet I’m faced with an awful quandary going to IKEA without being there, it’s a case of dreams yet realized and the way I look at is that I am Jason sans Argonauts.

I have to tie myself to the mast of life and chart these waters with my ears closed because the sirens of domestic bliss calling to me, and I want to beckon them, but all that comes out is not yet…not yet…not yet.

Because I’m not there yet, I’m getting there by way of saving up money and starting a second job soon (60 hour work week, I’m excited). I wish I planned it right to have someone to share an apartment with, but I didn’t and most of my guy friends are getting married or are married and so it would make me feel like an awkward 5th wheel to be a part of that kind of arrangement, perhaps in my dating and married years these kinda things will be more palpable.

I don’t mind living alone, I really don’t, would I prefer roommates? Of course! Splitting the cost of an apartment means more money to save and prep for my next step in life (relocating to Southern California). I just hope that when I get down to looking for an apartment I am able to find one that has a larger kitchen, personally the family one has always been too small and I just want a bit of space to do my cooking for myself and for others 🙂 IKEA is ideally a place where I intend to furnish some of my apartment, I’m not opposed to thrift shopping for a couch or table, but there’s just something magical about IKEA, I don’t know what it is, the Swedish touch perhaps? 😉

So here’s to IKEA and dreams yet to be fulfilled, not yet…not yet…not yet.



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