9/30 – Carpet squares and circles are magical to kids

Carpet squares and circles are magical to kids

I have worked with Pre K kids before in the context of Sunday School, and I must admit they get more out of carpet than I do.

Squares become little vehicles which in order to operate you must sit cross-legged, circles are lily pads in which to pretend one’s a frog, leaping from lily pad to lily pad.

I have lost some innocence over the years due to life getting in the way, but there’s something to the childish innocence that draws me in to engage at the risk of acting like a big kid, and in many a way I still am. I pay my bills and I’m going to be looking for an apartment soon, so I definitely have adult responsibilities that I attend to, but I love working with kids and in a way I retain being an adult/leader as well as returning to innocence lost.

I was one of those kids who was told early on that there was no Santa; when you’re coming from a background of being poor I guess putting that piece of info out there is perhaps the best thing to do. But I was a mean devious child and so I revealed this fact to other kids, which caused some frustrations and obviously shed tears for putting that fact out there to those who received Christmas presents. I was cruel and thoughtless at times as a kid, and as adult I can be that way as well.

Working with kids isn’t reparation for sins past and present, it gives me an opportunity to influence young minds, so that they might make the world and the lives of others a better place in due time as life goes on whether we like it or not, we get older and someday we will die, so if I can help others get to a place of carpe diem, seizing the day, I will.

Carpet isn’t magical to me, but by no means am I going to dash the imagination of little kids who pretend they’re driving or they think they’re frogs, they’re young and they should have a bit of fun in their life before the harshness of life gradually slips in.



3 thoughts on “9/30 – Carpet squares and circles are magical to kids

  1. I see no wrong in letting kids believe in a little fantasy when they are tiny. We all believed in Santa, in our house and it caused no damage when we found out the truth, once we were older. It’s part of our growth.

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