Christian drama; so much for living together in unity

Psalm 133: 1 – How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony!
John 17:21 – I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one–as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me.

The other day I found out that one author/blogger (John Shore) on the internet wrote a scathing blog post about another author/blogger (Andrew Marin). The content of what John wrote can be found here, but essentially the issue boils down to that John is verbal about his stance about whether being gay is a sin or not by stating from what he believes which is that it is not a sin to be gay, to which he tried to rip Andrew a new one for not putting it out there. Andrew doesn’t put out his stance in this matter, but it works splendidly for him, as it doesn’t isolate as many individuals as if he put out whether he thinks being gay is a sin or not.

It does piss me off that there’s this e-tension online right now because of Andrew Marin not putting out a definitive stance, I love Andrew Marin very much and interacting with him I am certainly biased in leaning on his side of things rather than John’s. My issue isn’t so much the nature of this e-tension, my issue is that it goes against unity as followers of Christ.

Jesus before he went back to God prayed that we would be one, the Psalmist David acknowledges how wonderful and pleasant it is when we live together in harmony/unity. Harmony and unity doesn’t mean that we as followers of Christ will always see eye-to-eye on issues, but it does lean to that we share a commonality, that is faith in Jesus Christ, we are to be brothers and sisters in Christ and we should love one another as Christ loves us.
Ripping apart someone online hardly demonstrates Christlike love and humility, it’s okay to disagree with your brother or sister in Christ, live in that tension but don’t go e-spewing this to the world because it doesn’t add to the love of God that has been richly poured out on all of humanity, it takes away from it.
How are we going to expect to see change in this world if we can’t learn to get along? It takes away from our witness to others when we bicker and argue instead of getting along despite our differences.

Truth to be told, the only one who is pleased by this is the devil, he wants to us who are followers of Christ fight with one another because that takes away from our ministries (personal as well as public). When we lose our focal point, Jesus and what he did and how we can live to be like him, our ministries become about us and not about God.

John – please engage in dialogue with Andrew Marin in person, he’s a swell guy and even at the end of the day if you don’t agree, learn to accept it and not be hung up about it. I love you and so much of what you write, but it hurts and saddens me that your actions aren’t aligned with being Christlike.
Andrew – Keep the faith, hang in there, I love you and what you’re doing, may God be honored by the actions you and The Marin Foundation are taking to build bridges.



9 thoughts on “Christian drama; so much for living together in unity

  1. Nathaniel, did John Shore message you stating why he took your response down from his blog? I’m curious as to why.

      • I wonder why he deleted yours and left mine. I was really attacked and what I said was taken out of context and I find it so sad, as I usually enjoy John Shores posts a lot. I really appreciate your well articulated response, and knowing I’m not alone in what I saw. Unfortunately I think I’m going to stop following his posts after this, a friend of men worded it well when she said she saw a dangerous group exclusive forming, and I’d have to agree. The attacks are not ok.

      • You’re absolutely right. I’m sorry to hear about your woes on his site, I just find it so bizarre that I was e-censored by him, all I did was write about how we need to find commonalities with our brothers and sisters in Christ, to live in unity, and not focus on our differences…

        By no means am I bashing John with my post, just an encouragement of sorts.

        …Is that really such a bad thing?

  2. Nathan: You can\’t be that mystified as to why it would be that I wouldn’t let you use my blog to promote a post on your blog about how something I’ve done pleases the devil, and isn’t ”aligned with being Christlike.” Has it been your experience in life that people facilitate you insulting them? (And Eva: stop playing the victim. If you\’re going to come onto my blog and lecture me about what is and isn’t ”edifying” for me to write, you’ve got to expect a little pushback from people who agree with what I’ve said.)

  3. Hi, Nathanael, he deleted my rebuttals as well. I see an unfortunate trend emerging. Thank you for sharing your blog. I appreciate your thoughts and, Eva, good on ya for your consistency amidst tribulation.

  4. I find everything “christian” that is attached to my reality to be an incredibly sad joke or tragedy. The jury is still out on that one.


    • I’m…well…honestly I don’t know how to feel about what you said Daemon, I do think what you said is important but should I feel sad for you or ?

      I don’t know, but I do care, but I just don’t know what to feel, please forgive me for not knowing how to respond.

      • I understand, man, Sometimes I am not the most succinct or eloquent when I try to express myself, especially when emotionally invested.

        My heart and mind are now at a place where “christian” anything does not represent everything good and safe that I once considered it growing up. It now is something harsh, unsafe, violent and something to take refuge from and I no longer know what to believe.

        I used to hope in what “christians” believed or stood for, but now find myself avoiding the majority of them at all costs, due to their actions, words and choices towards any other people not like them.

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