13/30 – Descriptive words please

Descriptive words please

It is a pet peeve of mine when people don’t use descriptive words; “this one” that one” “the other one” and others, items have words and I think it’s best to call them by their name.

Yet I recognize that some people don’t do this, and in my family that’s the case and it bothers me a great deal. I think it bothers me because most items do have names and it speeds up the process, say if I were cooking with my mom, if she told me which particular item she wanted by name I could grab it quickly, but saying she wants “that one” without gesturing to which one usually means that anyone could be “that one” and it just irks me.

Names have power, because with items it usually describes what that items does. Mitch Hedberg the standup comedian (rest in peace) did a short spiel about the person who has the job naming items;
β€œI want to get a job as someone who names kitchen appliances. Toaster, refrigerator, blender…. all you do is say what the shit does, and add “er”. I wanna work for the Kitchen Appliance Naming Institute. Hey, what does that do? It keeps shit fresh. Well, that’s a fresher….I’m going on break.”

I get a kick out of it, and yes I want that job as well! πŸ™‚

So please, because most items have names, use descriptive words please…because descriptive words please.



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