14/30 – The short hairs; reflection upon the haircuts of my youth

The short hairs; reflection upon the haircuts of my youth

Depending on who you ask, some people will say that long hair suits me, while others who’ve known me for a while will say that I look better with short hair…but my preference has been long hair since I entered college some 9 years ago.

Growing up my father would take me to a “men’s barbershop only” in town and Charlie would cut my hair according to my father’s specification, which normally a bowl-cut. I didn’t like this haircut, but I was easily shut up as Charlie had TV’s to serve as distractions, and so I watched while my bowl cut was crafted from my blonde tresses.

The only time my hair went extreme in my youth was when my cousin 4 years older than me decided to give me a Mohawk…when my parents were away, I liked it I guess, as it was different from my usual haircuts, but I am quite certain my parents were a bit pissed off at my cousin for taking it upon himself to power up the trimmers and have at it with my hair.

Like I said, since my college years I’ve kept it longer, and by no means has it gotten in the way of finding jobs (as had been my concern for a while). I keep it down, there’s something about a ponytail on a guy that strikes me as 18th century America, next I’m going to have to wear a powdered wig and fight in The Revolutionary War.

When my mom was going through chemo therapy she lost some hair and us sibs cut the rest of it off. A part of me toyed with the idea of shaving my head in solidarity, but I chickened out. Her hair came back pretty well and quickly! Which for her sake was definitely a blessing from God. πŸ™‚

When I have kids of my own, I’m going to give them the hair freedom I was not afforded in my own youth; if they want to grow it out, so be it, if they want it short, so be it, if they want to die it multiple colors and retain only their bangs…they’ll have to talk to their mother.



6 thoughts on “14/30 – The short hairs; reflection upon the haircuts of my youth

  1. When I was a teenager I often wondered why my barber never got my haircut right. “Long back and sides” I’d say yet I’d come away with a considerable trim. I found out years later that my Dad was calling the barbershop with instructions before I got there.

  2. I love old barbershops. I actually think, if I knew it would be a wise investment, that I’d love to become one. Old-school though. None of that fancy new stuff! πŸ˜‰

  3. My early haircuts were all about the same – cut a few inches of the length. It was straight with no bangs and no layers. We would walk a down the street and around the corner as there was a neighbor lady who cut hair, did perms, etc. I sat on a stack of folded towels because I was too short for the chair. As simple as it was, I’m sure my mom could have done it herself. I think once it was short and I had a duck tail in the back, or at least that what mom called it.

  4. It’s funny, I always thought that guys didn’t really care that much about their hair – at least not until they start losing it! – but since my own boys became teens, I’ve seen first hand what it means to them.

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