16/30 – Momento Mori

According to Wikipedia “Memento mori is a Latin phrase translated as “Remember your mortality”, “Remember you must die” or “Remember you will die” with that being said I sometimes go to local cemeteries to take photos and think over my own life.

I am not a morbid person, at times I have a morbid sense of humor, but there’s something about reading over detailed tombstones of  a person’s life that makes me wonder of the legacy I am leaving behind. Yet some of the tombstones I’ve read over the years haven’t been descriptive in that way, some are blank apart from a year, and some are so faded I cannot tell who lies six feet beneath me.

With the time I waste online, you’d think that I have forgotten that my life has an expiration date or that I think I’m immortal, but no to both I haven’t forgotten. Yet lately I can rationalize to some extent this part of my life, the job called looking for a job, so it hasn’t be a total waste of time.

Waste of time is a perplexing phrase to me at times, simply because the span of my life’s time is all there is, why would I waste some of it? I do what I can to make the most of my time, and there are times where I recognize what I’m doing isn’t so much as spending time but investing time; I mostly invest my time with the students I serve in a youth ministry setting, time invested in building rapport and aiding in their spiritual journeys, things of this nature matter here but to some degree on the other side of eternity.

I do keep myself busy at times, and I’m okay with that, yet sometimes I just need some “me time” apart from everyone else, to catch my breath before I go back to whatever tasks are required of me.

This is all the time you or I will have, make it count, Momento Mori.



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