18/30 Adventure Time

Adventure Time!


I am not a fan of all things kid shows, but there is something about Adventure Time that appeals to me, because I (when I can afford it) am an adventurer. It doesn’t cost me a lot to go adventures, but if Time > Money, I haven’t much of either at this present moment.

Adventures can be spontaneous and some can be planned, to which I am thinking that when it comes to the latter I’m going to see if I can find a reasonably priced ticket to Washington D.C. and have my sister drive me to the airport, and I’ll fly out to Washington D.C. with only my cellphone, wallet and camera.

I could contact my sister who lives in Washington D.C. nowadays for a tour and more of the city, but I think maybe I will just go at it alone. I don’t mind being alone and going on adventures alone, sometimes I need to set my sails and head for uncharted territory.

Uncharted territory, off the beaten path, the road less traveled, however you want to call it is ideal for me because there are moments in my adventuring that I rather go about doing something not a whole lot of other people are doing. Take Chicago; I like Chicago a lot but I’m not a fan of going to The Bean or Millennium Park because everyone and their mom does it, there’s more to Chicago than meets the eye and going to where everyone else goes.
Chicago’s chockful of places to go where not a lot of people go and hopefully — between the job called looking for a job and some other business I have to attend to — I’ll be back in Chicago prior to Sunday (when I’ll be there in Boystown for the Gay Pride Parade).

I take adventures because sometimes I know what to expect and sometimes (which I like) the unexpected happens; life is unpredictable at times, but what does one do when it does become predictable? I take adventures because my life needs that kind of stimulus, to keep me on edge and expect the unexpected.

Carpe Diem and happy adventuring!


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