[Why] I’m [Probably] not going to vote for a President this year

In this great two party dictatorship of ours, we the people of the United States are no longer important when it comes to the voting process for President. As one who has had an interest in politics since ’91-92, I’ve decided to give politics a break because what truly matters will not be addressed by politicians or Presidents or candidates for primaries. There’s also the factor that I agree with (whoever said it first, I don’t know) that politicians should wear decals of the companies that “sponsor” them like inNascar.

Politics used to intrigue me, because it looked like change was happening and that there was some sway to my views being acted upon by the ones I elected into their [dis]respected offices, but I’ve grown disenchanted with it all, “meet the new boss same as the old boss” seems to be the theme, plus there’s the dynamic where behind-the-scenes people working for politicians will dredge up any kind of shit they can that they will use against the other person; as the election year gets closer this seems to be a machine working overtime, a hate-filled sludge machine.

Now some might suggest that I vote for another party apart from the GOP and Democrat, which ideally I would but the thing is the odds up to this point for someone who’s not aligned with the GOP or Democrat party are against them, if anything it takes away votes from either but that’s about all it does.

I think, I don’t know for sure, that if you had more informed voters and better odds for outlier candidates, things could start to turn around in politics for me. If I knew that a guy or gal I voted for who was, say of the Green Party, had an equal foothold in the election race, then I would be up for voting. Yet politicians strike me as smiling sharks with lots of teeth and companies to please which they spin it into “We the People”, our views our no longer valid, a majority of votes will not change the face of politics and the world at large. We need leaders local, national and even global who will standup for valid changes within our glocal (global+local) world.

I have faith in God, what he’s doing and the good things people are doing in his name…but so often I look at politics and shake my head at the messes unaddressed.

Be the change you want to see begins with me,

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