20/30 – Elevator rappers anonymous

Elevator rappers anonymous

Hello, my name is Nathanael, and I’m an elevator rapper…

I’m no good at it, but a while ago when I was in school a bunch of guys occupied the elevator and were riding it up and down rapping with whomever went in. Thankfully it was after hours because I don’t think the higher ups and professors would be mighty keen about this Occupy Elevator & Rap group.

They rode up and down and eventually I had to get to the third floor, the Mac Lab, and the only way down was by elevator…so I sucked it up and joined this troubadour of rappers. They were doing their own thing with someone putting down some lame beatboxing in the back (here’s an example of good beatboxing). Then I was given the look of it’s your turn, you put something down to our beat…and so I said;

“I’m chillin’ like a villain injecting penicillin hanging out with Bob Dylan”

They smiled at my solo rap, which didn’t make any sense, but hey I’m no MCA and I am not quick-witted like that sometimes.


I’m not the biggest fan of rap, but when there’s a series of lines within a rap that flows and isn’t demoralizing to women or the nature where you should kill others lest you be killed or the pursuit of money is all there is or should be, I might enjoy it. I do tend to listen to early Beastie Boys and Run D.M.C., Tupac as well as Biggie, and occasionally Nelly…but that’s about the rap I can handle at this time, though I have heard some good things about LeCrae and I hope he takes the gospel message to where the rubber meets the road, may it be there where he shares the love of God with others. πŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “20/30 – Elevator rappers anonymous

  1. Not a rap fan either, but after my workout the other day, I saw a fellow doing a high energy workout to Christian rap music. That was new to me, but a great improvement over most rap that I’d heard.

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