22/30 – If I had one day of life left

If I had one day of life left

I would start the day by making myself breakfast; banana crepes and a medium rare steak with a side of fried mashed potatoes and caramelized onions.

I’d go for an hour long bike ride, listening to a mix of Matisyahu, Electric Light Orchestra, Led Zepplin and The Arcade Fire.

I’d go out for sushi lunch buffet at my favorite sushi place the town over from where I live, pick up my tab and the cute girl who eats sushi alone.

I’d hurry back home and grab my camera and take some cloud pictures in RAW.

I’d worry less and love more, to which I’d talk to my family and tell them I want all my earthly belongings sold and the profits made divided between the soup kitchen I help out with on Thursday mornings & my former fiancee’s sons for furthering their education when they get to that point in life.

I’d facebook status my love with a bye-for-now-but-not-forever and a 🙂 to all my facebook friends.

I’d tell my father I forgive him for all the rotten shit he did to me.

I’d call up my friend Mark and tell him to be a good husband and father to his future wife and kids, or else I’ll haunt him to his dying day.

I’d call up my former fiancee and tell her that our time as a WE were some of the best moments of my entire life, and if she would hear me out I would say she deserves a better man than the guy she married.

I’d go outside with a cold IPA and a grilled cheese sandwich (dill havarti on rye) and blow some bubbles.

I’d tell my family I love them one last time.

I’d curl up in an Adirondack chair in front of an outdoor fire with my teddy bear in my arms and watch the skies and watch the stars, I’d whisper goodbye world, hello God and that’s how I would carry out my last day on Earth if there was no tomorrow.



7 thoughts on “22/30 – If I had one day of life left

  1. To echo Zen, that sounds like a wonderful last day. I would add wine to the list. I’ve got to say that is an unusual breakfast, but this is your day. The steak and potatoes sounds good, though.

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