26/30 – An intervention of sorts

An intervention of sorts

There is someone in my life who seems to “do a good job” at pointing out the faults and flaws of everyone and never seems to point it back at herself and start to work on her own issues. It is quite frustrating because she will go on and on verbatim ad nauseum about what he does/what she doesn’t do and so on and so forth, and so I’m considering an intervention of sorts.

Because there’s the dynamic where I don’t really care about hearing about other people’s problems when I’m trying to work out mine, I care, but not to the point where that’s the only thing this individual talks about. Plus there’s the dynamic where it’s quite hypocritical; yes it is easier to point out the problems of others because it keeps one from working on their own, but it’s not healthy for anyone.

I want to have this intervention to help this person see how troubling it is to me (as well as others) that this is all this person seems to dwell upon, and in a way seems quite obsessed with the problems of others. This individual can function, but she puts too much energy in…well, if you read this much, no need to repeat myself.

In a way I’ve learned from this person’s negative outlook on life. It gets me in gear to work on my own life issues before I start pointing out what other people do (or don’t do). I can’t say that I enjoy learning from a perspective of doing the opposite of what someone does, but sometimes it just happens and I’m okay with that.

So here’s hoping that this intervention goes well. I don’t have a Plan B if this person isn’t receptive to the intervention, so I’m hoping that it’s a success the first time around.


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