Promoting healthy sexuality one marriage at a time


Do I have your attention yet? 😉

Is a very beautiful and wonderful thing for humans to enjoy, in which for the past several years whenever I go to a wedding I bring as a wedding present a gift card to Lovers Lane.

Because while I think that sex can be good apart from marriage, it can be better still in the context of marriage, to which I believe that regardless of your sexual orientation that you should have the right to get married.

With that being said, the card that I enclose to couples who get married has a note attached to the gift card – Have fun and pick out something together. I do think that it is important for couples to be open and honest with one another in all facets of their lives, including their sexual lives, in which I think that by communicating what’s good as well as what’s bad in the marital bed can help both individuals out, hence the together part in my wedding card message.

I think that sometimes in particularly in Christian culture (as one who’s a follower of Christ, so I’m writing of what I know and perceive) sex is given a bad rap, or sex is viewed as “for procreation and not for recreation only”, or worst of all “sex is dirty.” Yet I don’t think it is, I think that everything is permissible in sex as long as everyone involved in the act of sex is for it, but if some part of sex is problematic for an individual it should be stopped and not coerced of the person until they break down and give in.

So have fun and pick out something together with your SO! 🙂 Have a lot of happy and good sex!



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