A word of warning to the church about love

Dear church/brothers and sisters in Christ,

There has been speculation about why younger people such as myself have been leaving the church. While I don’t know all the reasons, I am willing to venture that some of it stems from love or actually the lack of love.

The thing is, when people come to the church and they don’t experience the love of Christ that we should extend to them, whether they’re the first time attender, the Chreaster, the been-in-this-church-before-I-was-born, they will look for it elsewhere.

They might find that works or “fits” for a spell, but it won’t ever be the same caliber of love has extended to not only those who attend church on a regular basis but to all of humanity.

There’s a hymn that is called “they will know we are Christians by our love” and I believe wholeheartedly this is what we should be known for, yet I think we’re known for a lot of other things at this point and not necessarily our love and therein lies the problem, we might be known for loving only certain types of people or our love isn’t evident and the lack of love is what we’re known for collectively.

I didn’t write this post to rally anything but to simply point out that some of the time the church is lacking love for those within as well as those outside the building, and if we’re to take to heart the words of Jesus of going into all the world… all means ALL!


4 thoughts on “A word of warning to the church about love

  1. I was just thinking about that hymn the other day as I wached Louis Theroux’s documentary about the Westboro Baptist Church, and how, for most of the Christian churches and people would be known by so many other words… hypocrisy being one high on the list.

    • I love Louis Theroux and his approach when it comes to documentaries! Yes, I hear you wholeheartedly Hevel, Christians at times…a lot of the time, hypocritical.

      I can only own up to what I do and have done, and where I fail I recognize that I am the only one who can change me, and that’s why I desperately want to be the change I want to see.

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