Help defined

A good portion of what I do for work is helping others out. To some extent the people I work with are capable of taking care of themselves, but there are certainly times where they come to me or I to them and I help them out. For reasons pertaining to the nature of what I do I won’t devulge anything that I do, in which I’m stopping talking about my work right now.

Yet lately I’ve been toying with the reasons why I like to help other people out, and I’ve also been exploring how help is defined.

I think the reason I like helping others out is because I like to paired with that there are times where I think I’m really getting through to someone as I help them. My helping doesn’t come from a place of assessing the person’s problem and tackling it headon, but more of taking time to BE with the person who has a problem, active listening, and going from there to work with them on their problem together.  I do help with people on their problems in a together kind of way because it gives the person ownership as to dealing with their problem paired with my assistance is given where I can and however I can.

Help can be defined in several ways, according to here are several:
– to give or provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need; contribute strength or means to; render assistance to; cooperate effectively with; aid; assist:
– to save; rescue; succor:
– to make easier or less difficult;

Yet when I think how I define help, I think this. Help is asking someone to assist you from the path you’re on, diverging from the course you’re on and turning into a better direction that what you’ve been on up to that point.

When I ask for help, I’m not looking for assistance that will keep me going the way that I was going, but in a direction that’s different and better. Yet if I am honest with myself I don’t nearly ask for help as much as I should, my pride gets in the way and sometimes I think asking for help makes me appear weak.

But I’m getting better at asking for help, and not the sort that comes from texting a friend, facebook…none of that, but in real life help.

Everyone needs help sometime or another. Don’t hesistate to ask, it’ll make you better than the appearance of it making you weaker.


One thought on “Help defined

  1. Was so happy to here from you
    Ito iam in the business of helping othwer all day long n thrn i carry the help home with my two child. all n all it the end of the day. Iknow i made someone elses day alittle brighter n isnt that what we are here for, love you miss you cherie.
    p.s. iam in florida not. missed ignite fest was very sad. hope all is well with you

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