My older writing horrifies me

I have been blogging for close to 11 years now, and even now and before the days of the internet I would write with pen and paper. Now apart from grammatical errors (comma splice was my vice), punctuation, sentence structure and all of that…I’m horrified by my writing of yore.

I recently came across some things I wrote 9 years ago; mostly prayer requests for others, prayer requests for myself, brief tidbits of thanksgiving for good weather and life, but I also wrote some things that just make me cringe.

I wrote some brief but detailed prayers against certain groups of people, against! I used prayer, the way I best know how to communicate to God…against people? What the hell Nathanael of 9 years ago?!?

I also wrote some things that border on the line of spiritual manipulation, and lust mingled with infatuation…:shudder: It is eye-opening to who I was, what I thought of God, what I thought about humanity, but here’s the clincher…

That’s who I was, I am not that guy any more, I believe and truly think that I have evolved in my ways of thought. That’s what I appreciate when it comes to writing and very much life; second chances, edits, however you want to put it sometimes God gives us the capacity to revision and restart, not from the beginning but from the ashes of where we left off.

Thanks be to God for second chances,

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