[Mis]adventures in Online Dating

So for a few months now I’ve been trying out this thing called online dating, and…well…to be honest, it’s a slow process.

When I first started I was talking to my friend about how much it reminds me of writing up a resume. I, submit a photo (since I rather be behind the camera than in front I used my laptop’s webcam to take a photo of me), I write a bit about who I am, my passions, my hobbies, my five-year plan…and then the fun (sarcasm) part begins called the waiting period.

I find that I am somewhat of a parodox, or at least I’m perceived one of two ways: The funny guy who is never serious, or the serious guy who is never funny. The thing is, I am both, but I’m not perceived that way and it bothers me 😦 I know when to switch gears from being funny to being serious, it needs to be done and I’ve learned how to. I just…want to love again and be loved.
These things take time, I’m fully aware of that, but the single life despite being okay with being single at this time in my life, isn’t what I want long term and I’m just antsy about it.

So far, nada, but I’m not overly worried.


3 thoughts on “[Mis]adventures in Online Dating

  1. I’ve had an online dating profile for about a year now myself. I don’t live in a big city, so that really limits my playing field, so to speak.
    What I’ve discovered is that is goes in waves. You’ll get 3 messages one day, and then spend 3 weeks thinking you’ve perused everyone in the area, and then you’ll get 3 more.
    Disappointingly, so far I’ve found 2 groups of men: 1) Those that think they’re too good for everyone and 2) Those that think they’re on a online booty-call site, rather than dating.
    So far, as a social experiment, I find it interesting, because I believe there is a third variety, the normal guys are who similar to myself. (I’m assuming you fall into this rare category.)
    Best of luck with the dating, and hope you keep up the mentality of being ok with single, but on the lookout for love. It’s by far the best state of mind to be in!

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