Holding on to hope

Holding on to hope

Some days I am me,
others I play the fool and act like someone else,
act like who they want me to be.
But when I get down to the truth of the matter,
the better part of me, the best of me is me!
I’ve been playing this charade for far too long,
this facade I wear is wearing thin.
How long oh Lord?
How long indeed.
I need to take God by faith,
not wrapped up in certainly disguised as faith,
but faith,
as a child who holds on to the hand of the one he trusts,
so I want to hold on to hope,
so I want to surrender and fall into love,
fall into my questions and doubts,
and when I am worse for wear…to walk out anew.
I have faith that I will get there,
maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow,
the road is long but God bless the road that will lead me to where I need to be.
Hope is where my heart is,
Faith is where my eyes are when I cannot see,
I was lost,
and I remained lost,
and perhaps I am still lost,
but someday I will be found.


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