Cheese Please! – 1/28

Whenever I hear someone say, and mind you it’s seldom, “I HATE cheese!” My retort is usually “Fine then! More for me!” Because, well, I am a big fan of cheese.

Had I been born lactose intolerant I am sure I would look upon people eating cheese as I’m left with sordid, found-under-the-fridge, “cheeses for lactose intolerant” people, but I’m blessed in many ways, cheese is one of those ways. My grandfather on my father’s side who passed away a few short months before I was born was a notorious cheese eater from what I’m told; he’d just plop in front of the telly and cut cheese and eat it. Cut. Eat. Cut. Eat. Repeat.
There’s a grocery store in my area that is a cheese lovers paradise; so many awesome/never heard of/never tried but willing varieties, so I like to challenge myself with giving new-to-me cheese a chance, and I’ve been greatly rewarded by what I’ve sampled! Cheese in itself is good, but then there’s the melting process that sometimes gives way to a whole different experience, and speaking of melted cheese…Saganaki!
Melted cheese is good, but cheese started on fire in order to be melted?!? It’s the offspring of a pyromaniac and cheese lover! I don’t eat it as much as I could (should?) but it is still one of those moments in cheese history that has been passed down from generation to generation, it’s stored in our collective unconsciousness, and it started (my hunch) with cavemen who discovered how to make cheese and since they already had discovered fire…’nuff said.

If Benjamin Franklin is attributed to the quote “God made beer because he loves us and wants us to be happy” let me be the one who says God gave us CHEESE because he loves us and wants us to be happy. My friends who are lactose intolerant, I feel your pain but only on an empathetic level, I am sorry for what you cannot have the rest of us so easily take for granted…excuse me as I eat some cheese in your honor.

To cheese!


12 thoughts on “Cheese Please! – 1/28

  1. We have a store called Wegman’s by us that has so many different types of cheese… and they usually give out samples… LOVE that place! and I almost always buy cheese when I go there- 🙂

  2. We have a few stores around here with a really good cheese selection, if you wish to part with the $$ that is. Some are quite pricy. Trader Joe’s has decent selection at reasonable prices.

    Other than Ziva, I can think of only one person that hated cheese- my late Uncle Charlie. But he didn’t like mustard, mayo or ketchup either. Made for a sad sandwich.

  3. Cheese really is a beautiful thing. I have an odd sort of lactose intolerance which prevents me from drinking straight milk, but which also allows me to eat dairy in all of its other glorious forms: yogurt, ice cream, sour cream, and of course, CHEESE! I’m only a casual fan of cheese, but your cheesy ode got me all excited.

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