I like France (but I never let her know) – 8/28

When I think about it, I’m probably a secret Francophile; Whether it’s the Eiffel Tower, escargot, Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, The Lourve, Jeanne Calment, wine, CHEESE (see what I did there? :-))…the list goes on.

I don’t know why I have never vocalized my interest in items pertaining to France, it’s not that I ever stated something negative about France either. I did find it a humorous and face-palming experience when there were those who decided to spite “French” items in the U.S. of A by replacing that word with Freedom; so you had freedom toast, freedom fries, freedom kissing…it was all so silly, considering French (*gasp!*) toast, fries, and kissing…really? Those things are “French” to you?

It is my plan to go to France someday, The Lourve is on my mind as I enjoy art a great deal. I probably will part of the masses of who’ll gather in homage to seeing the Mona Lisa, and when someone says “look at how small it is” I will sheepishly smile and say au contraire, ce n’est pas ce qu’elle a dit! 😉

Vivre la différence,


8 thoughts on “I like France (but I never let her know) – 8/28

  1. I love to go to France (again). I spent an hour there one day – just long enough to get too much money from the ATM, buy postcards, and visit a French bakery. We were just across the border in Germany.

  2. France is a beautiful country, but beware of the dog droppings on the ground in certain areas. That was a huge annoyance for me when I traveled there years ago. I stepped in it more than once.

    Viewing the Mona Lisa is like wading through the politest mosh pit you’ve ever seen. The area to view the painting is shoulder-to-shoulder packed. Sadly, the painting is being protected beneath a protective glass case, so you lose a little bit of the “live and in-person” effect.

    I don’t mean to throw cold water on your dreams, though. France is a lovely place, and I hope you’ll find the opportunity to travel there sooner rather than later.

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