4 Months and 20 Days ago – 12/28


It was a wild and trippy day; I had been sleep deprived for over 4 days, and nothing I could do, nothing could help me get sleep.

Those were days where I was good at running, I had a good stride and I could keep running for quite sometime. In my insomniac tired state I was stupid, I decided to go running to see if that would help me get some sleep.

So I ran…

*jingle jingle*

I freaked!

I ran some more…

*jingle jingle*

Holy Crapola! By now I was sweating more because I was scared out of my wits!

*jingle jingle* with every stride I made while running, and the cadence only picked up when I myself picked up, there was no ending to the maddening *jingle jingle* noise.

So out of exhaustion, out of giving up I stopped…and so did the *jingle jingle* I put my hands over my head to catch my breath, I put my hands in my pocket, when I felt an odd piece of metal in them, I pulled it out and…
That was the day I met Abraham Lincoln!




9 thoughts on “4 Months and 20 Days ago – 12/28

  1. Hey Nathanael! Did you chew him for a while after? Man, he looks like he fought the Civil War all on his ownsome. Indigo

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